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Start or Move Your Business To The U.S

How to Do Market Research: A Guide and Template

Today’s consumers have a lot of power. They can research your product or service and make purchase decisions entirely on their own.

The best bank accounts for U.S. newcomers in 2022

First, some good news. While you may need to provide several forms of identification to open a new account, many banks don’t restrict access only to U.S. citizens. A few may require a Social Security number (SSN) or only be available to resident aliens, but there are plenty of options to choose from even if you don’t meet…
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How to Set Up a US Company as a Non-Resident

As a non-resident, starting a business in the United States can be difficult, but the country makes it simple to register and establish a company. If you want to do business with Americans, you must be able to communicate in English. Read on to know how to set up a company in the US as…
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What Is A Limited Partnership

What Is a Limited Partnership (LP)? A limited partnership (LP)—not to be confused with a limited liability partnership (LLP)—is a partnership made up of two or more partners. The general partner oversees and runs the business while limited partners do not partake in managing the business. However, the general partner of a limited partnership has…
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What Is a C Corp?

What Is a C Corporation? A C corporation (or C-corp) is a legal structure for a corporation in which the owners, or shareholders, are taxed separately from the entity. C corporations, the most prevalent of corporations, are also subject to corporate income taxation. The taxing of profits from the business is at both corporate and…
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Top 10 Secure Computing Tips

“Top 10” List of Secure Computing Tips Tip #1 – You are a target to hackers Don’t ever say, “It won’t happen to me.” We are all at risk and the stakes are high – both for your personal and financial well-being  and for the university’s standing and reputation.  Cybersecurity is everyone’s responsibility. By following…
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How to Protect Yourself, Your Employees and Your Clients/Customers From New Cybersecurity Risks as More Employees Work From Home

Data breaches are costly, not only in terms of potential out-of-pocket costs for employers, but also in terms of the potential damage to their reputations and brands. IBM’s Cost of a Data Breach Report, released in 2020, estimated the average global cost of a data breach at about $3.86M. When consumers’ personally protected information (PII)…
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Answers to Your COVID-19 Business Insurance Coverage Questions

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused enormous economic impacts across the world. In the US, communities across the country have seen hospitals filled to capacity and local businesses shuttering. Workers are missing out on wages due to lost hours at closed businesses or mandated quarantines after coming down with or being exposed to COVID-19. Consumer spending…
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Cancelling Business Insurance Might Cost More Than It Pays: Here’s Why

Cancelling Business Insurance Might Cost More Than It Pays: Here’s Why The COVID-19 pandemic has caused enormous economic hardship across many segments of the U.S. economy. Businesses that involve close personal interactions like bars, restaurants and hair salons have had to cut back on capacity and even shut their doors completely based on state and…
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4 Tips for Moving Your Business to a New State

Relocating a business to a new state is an exciting event. Moving a company across state lines, however, can also be a stressful time—especially when a relocation approach is unclear. Here are tips for moving four types of businesses out of state and into greener pastures. Why do businesses relocate? Companies shift locations for numerous…
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