Small Business Grants For Immigrants

Start or Move Your Business To The U.S

Small Business Grants For Immigrants


Small business grants for immigrants will certainly help these people to start their business. These people are relatively new on US soil, and some may be able to land a proper job while others prefer to start their own business for various reasons.

However, starting a small business in the United States is not an easy task. Usually, it requires quite a lot of capital capabilities, while a large portion of the immigrants are not that rich. On the other hands getting a loan from banks and credit institutions is also hard. Therefore, some may look for financial assistance to help them start their small business.


We’ve listed several options for people who are looking for small business financial assistance for immigrants.

Refugee and Entrant Assistance: Discretionary Grants

While this is not a direct grant for small business for immigrants, the grant can help these people to be accustomed to financial management. In general, immigrants from Asian, Haiti, and Cuba countries are eligible. No documentation is required for this program. Each state’s Department of Health and Human Services distributes the grant to nonprofit agencies. More information is available through the department.

Business Development Grants

The Business Development Grant program is a great source for free technical assistance, business training, and in some cases it can even help you to gain access to financial assistance. However, to be qualified for the program the immigrant should already have a small business with good viability and character. Immigrants from Africa, Asia and Hispanic descendants are known to get the grant.

Refugee and Entrant Assistance: Wilson/Fish Program

It’s another program from the U.S Department of Health and Human Services to provide various assistance for immigrants. It is important to note that immigrants should be able to show his or her immigration status credentials to be eligible for assistance. As we have said earlier, the program funds various aspects, and one of them comes in the form of cash assistance for eight months. While this may not be the perfect small business financial assistance for immigrants, it can certainly help those who want to start their small business by covering a portion of the expense. That way, you can allocate the saved money to start the business. In general, the program is available for people from Cuba, Haiti and Asia; but some exceptions have been given for immigrants from Afghanistan and Iraq.

As you can see, there are several grants available from the federal government administered by the state government. If you have documented your immigration then you should immediately visit the Department of Health and Human Services to see a social worker and then they will give you valuable information about programs that may help you; which may include grants.

Other Assistance

This has less strict requirements and they often prefer applicants from socially challenged circumstances –which include immigrants– and those who are facing financial problems.

Hopefully, you can see that there are more than just small business grants for immigrants offered here in the US.



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