Your State’s Most Popular Solopreneur Job in 2021

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Your State’s Most Popular Solopreneur Job in 2021

A lot of us are content (…or not, but we go with the flow anyway) to simply dream about our passions while clocking in and out at our daily nine-to-five. But if you’re a solopreneur, you’ve actively taken steps to make your dream a reality.

Of course, entrepreneurs and traditional small-business owners do the same thing, so what sets solopreneurs apart? The answer’s in the name: solopreneurs are happy to go it alone, with “it” referring to anything from gardening or classic-car repair to childcare or software development.

We wanted to know which solopreneurial jobs are most popular nationwide. Exactly which dreams are US residents most keen to pursue? And are some solopreneur jobs more popular in some states than in others?

The answer (as you certainly guessed from this article’s title, you clever reader, you) is yes. Using data from Google Trends, we found around 30 frequently searched solopreneur jobs. We then broke those jobs down by state to figure out where, exactly, each solopreneurial venture is most popular. Keep reading to check out our results.

Correlations and interesting findings

Per Google Trends, two jobs tied for most popular nationwide—lawn service providers and house cleaners, which both took first in four states apiece. Some of our other data highlights include the following:

  • Surprising absolutely no one, California’s top-ranked solopreneur job is social media influencer. A little more surprising? “Social media influencer” was also the most-searched term in Illinois and Texas—two lovely states, of course, but both with a much lower reputation for stardom than La-La Land.
  • Estheticians had the most-searched solopreneur job in Hawaii (spa treatments clearly go hand in hand with paradise-seeking vacationers).
  • People in Idaho and Utah seem to need a little extra encouragement; life coaching came in first in both states.
  • “Amazon seller” took first place in three states thousands of miles apart: Florida, Nevada, and New Jersey. Obviously, solopreneurs can follow Amazon’s motto (“Work Hard. Have Fun.”) no matter where in the US they live.

Each state’s most-searched solopreneur job

StateSolopreneur job titles
AlabamaHouse cleaner
ArkansasJewelry designer
CaliforniaSocial media influencer
DelawareHouse cleaner
District of ColumbiaWeb designer
FloridaAmazon seller
GeorgiaBrand ambassador
IdahoLife coach
IllinoisSocial media influencer
KentuckyHouse cleaner
MarylandGrant writer
MichiganLawn service
MinnesotaLawn service
MississippiPublic speaker
MontanaMassage therapist
NebraskaLawn service
NevadaAmazon seller
New HampshireHairdresser
New JerseyAmazon seller
New MexicoArtist
New YorkPersonal trainer
North CarolinaNail technician
North DakotaMusic teacher
OklahomaLawn service
PennsylvaniaPersonal assistant
Rhode IslandEvent planner
South CarolinaCosmetologist
South DakotaHandyman
TennesseeTax professional
TexasSocial media influencer
UtahLife coach
VirginiaSoftware developer
West VirginiaHouse cleaner
WyomingMassage therapist

The takeaway

Becoming a solopreneur requires moxie, passion, and a willingness to work outside the typical nine to five. Clearly, people in every state have what it takes—so whether you’re hoping to provide childcare, massage therapy services, or tax help, you’ll be in excellent company.

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